PA 90/2 USB

Public Address amplifier

This compact mixer/amplifier is designed for small size public address applications like warehouse and car parks. It features a solid state USB/SD MP3 player in order to connect storage devices with up to 32 GB memory. The audio player includes the common functions (play/rewind/forward, volume, etc).

PA 90/2 USB features two microphone inputs (Mic 1 with priority) and an Aux input to connect a CD player or tuner. Thanks to the preamp output with all the signal mixed together, this amplifier allows connecting equalizers or additional power amplifiers in the installation.

It is suitable for low impedance speakers and high impedance Line outputs.It is also possible to connect batteries to the DC 12 V input and use it to build a car PA system.

Compact mixers/amplifiers designed for small size public address applications.
30 W output power.
Two Mic inputs with gain control.
Aux input (Line) with gain control.
Master channel control.
Solid state USB/SD MP3 player.
Possibility to connect storage devices with up to 32 GB.
Plays any MP3 and WMA file.
PRE OUT output.
Direct AMP input.
Suitable for low impedance speakers and high impedance Line outputs.
Output Power (RMS): 30 W.
Output Power (Peak): 60 W.
Audio inputs: 2 MIC, 1 AUX level.
USB/SD interface: MP3 / WMA formats.
MIC inputs (Impedance/Sensitivity): 250 ohm / 1.1 mV / -56.95 dBu.
AUX (Impedance/Sensitivity): 47 kohm / 500 mV / -3.80 dBu.
Power IN (Impedance/Sensitivity): 47 kohm / 1 V / 2.21 dBu.
Low Impedance Output: 4 ohm.
High Impedance Line Output: 25 / 70 / 100 V.
Pre-out: 600 ohm /1 V.
Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 18 kHz +/- 3 dB.
S/N Ratio: >75 dB (Line), >65 dB (MIC).
THD: Less than 0.5 % at 1 kHz, rated power.
Priority: MIC 1.
Main supply AC Power: 115/230 V - 50/60 Hz.
Main supply DC Power: 12 V - 2.5 A.
Consumption: 60 W.
Dimensions: 280 x 75 x 190 mm.
Weight: 4.5 kg.

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