DJ mixer

MZX 1 is a rack format DJ mixer with functions specially adequate to DJ sessions.

It has 4 input channels with 3 selected sources per channel and and additional channel for DJ Mic.

The main advantage of this mixer is that it includes 2 USB Full Duplex ports: it makes possible the lecture of files coming from a PC as well as output recording (a file is saved on the PC, using the adequate software). This makes MZX 1 a versatile mixer.

Each channel has its own input gain control, source selector, 3 band equalizer, PFL and level control.

A potenciometer is also available for Crossover function between the first four channels, with the possibility to assign any channel to both extremes. MZX 1 includes a Fader Start function to remotely start CD players that have this function too (e.g. SDJ 1 player).

Regarding headphone section, it is possible to mix output signal and PFL, or listen to them indempendently.


Club Touring

4 channel DJ mixer + DJ MIC.
19" rack format.
3 input source selector per channel.
2 USB Full Duplex ports for lecture and direct recording.
Crossfader assigment function.
3 band equalizer and PFL on each channel.
Fader start function to remotely start compatible CD players.
Headphone output with PGM/PFL function.
Balanced and unbalanced Master output.
Zone output for monitor.

Inputs: 2 x Phono/CD/Line + USB/Phono/Line + USB/MIC/Line + Line1/Line2/MIC + DJ MIC.
Line: 10 kohm / 77 mV.
MIC: 600 ohm / 1 mV.
Phono: 47 kohm / 1.2 mV.
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 15 kHz.
S/N ratio: > 72 dB (MIC/Phono), > 86 dB (Line).
Equalizer: Low: +12/-32 dB @ 60 Hz, Medium: +12/-32 dB @ 1,2 KHz, High: +10/-32 dB @ 15 kHz.
Consumption: 14,7 W (max).
Main supply: AC 115/230 V.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 176 x 110 mm.
Weight: 4 kg.