MINO Series


The MINO series is composed of a wide range of passive loudspeakers made of MDF wood and with an excellent frequency response, even at hith output power levels. Many models are available, from 160W to 1000W output power. It is also possible to use them as stage monitors due to their trapezoidal shape.

The MINO 6, 8 and 10 models are perfectly suited to acclimate pubs, social clubs or shops. The sound quality, size and the trapezoidal shape (to use as a monitor) of these 3 models multiply the possibilities of installation. In addition, the two colors available (black and white) facilitates the integration of the loudspeakers in the environment.

The MINO12 and MINO 15 models are very versatile loudspeakers, to fit perfectly with the needs of both installations fixed and mobile (thanks to the rigging system). Also, Its upper inserts allow stacking items and build the desired system. Its 35mm lower inserts, allow the attachment to the walls with our SPB series supports and tripods such as LW 126, LW 127, etc..Also have an output power exceeding the previous 3 models, as they reach a RMS power of 250 W (MINO 12) and 500 W (MINO 15).



Club Installation

Passive loudspeakers, from 160 to 1000 W output power.
Excellent frequency response.
Made of resistant MDF wood.
Trapezoidal shape.
MINO 6, 8 and 10 available in black and white finish.
Bracket included with MINO 6 and MINO 8.
MINO 10, 12 and 15 include a rigging system and a 35 mm diameter insertion.