Audio mixer

6 microphones mixer, compact design and really suitable for "Speech" installations in conference rooms, conferences, presentations, etc.

All the microphone inputs ( 3 on the front panel + 3 on the rear panel), has gain level. the incorporation of a 3 band parametric equalizer and other graphic with 7 bands, allow the user to act with the input signal and subsequent mixing.



3 duplicated MICRO inputs on the front and the rear.
3 parametric equalizers for microphones.
Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay settings.
Double Equalizer 7-band stereo line inputs.
2 inputs switchable Line level.
Input/output video interface.
Voice canceling function to remove the lead vocal on multiple CDs or cassette.

Inputs: 6 MIC (Jack 1/4 ") (3 front + 3 rear) + Line, Video (RCA).
Outputs: L / R + Mix + Video (RCA).
Power supply: 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 210 mm.
Weight: 2.6 kg.