Audio mixer

Club Master 1 PH is a professional mixer designed in a 3U rack enclosure and Phantom power available on all the inputs which is adequate for many small/medium size installations.

It features 6 stereo channels with their own 3 band equalizer and balance, in order to control the input sources available (Line/Phono, Line/CD, Line1/Line2). Two Mic inputs with priority are available and allow muting the music during messages. It also includes options like Rec and headphone outputs.


Club Installation
8 input channel mixer (2 Mic inputs with priority).
6 stereo channels with selectable input source (Line/Phono, Line/CD, Line1/Line2).
MIC inputs with phantom power.
Mic inputs with Phantom supply.
Mic inputs with front and rear connectors.
3 band equalizer for stereo channels and balance for Master section.
Individual gain level and PAN function.
70 mm slide faders.
LED vumeter with 10 segments.
Headphone output with gain level.
Rec output.
Adequate for small/medium-size installations.
Number of input channels: 2 mono + 6 stereo.
Type of input channels: 2 Mic (with priority), 2 Line/Phono, 2 Line/CD, 2 Line/Line.
MIC inputs impedance/sensitivity: 10 kohm, 10 mV / -33 dBu.
LINE/AUX inputs impedance/sensitivity: 47 kohm, 770 mV / 0 dBu.
PHONO inputs impedance/sensitivity: 10 kohm, 50 mV / -23 dBu.
Tone Control:
± Bass Bandwidth/Gain: 80 Hz, -15 dB to +15 dB.
± Middle Bandwidth/Gain: 2 kHz, -15 dB to +15 dB.
± Treble Bandwidth/Gain: 12 kHz, -15 dB to +15 dB.
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz.
THD+N: 75 dB.
Type of output: 1 x Dual Master, 1x Record, Phones.
Master 1-2 Max. level: 20 dB. Rec output Max. level: 20 dB.
Phones output min. load: 20 dB @ 32ohm.
Monitor output Max. level: 20 dB.
Rear panel connectors/controls: 12 x Dual RCA (inputs), 2 x Combo XLR3-¼" Jack (inputs), 2 x XLR3 (Master outputs), 1x Dual RCA (Monitor output, record), 1x IEC (main supply).
Front panel connectors: 1 x ¼" Jack (Phones).
Main supply: AC 115/230 V 50/60 Hz.
Power consumption: 8 W.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 133 x 230 mm.
Weight: 5.1 kg.

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